FEAR – Letting it go Completely?

Patricia’s disbelief as she can no longer find the FEAR! We had an amazing time together as Patricia did everything she could to make the Fear come back, the fear that had totally controlled her life since it started 2 and a half years ago. We had already made some fantastic changes after the first… Read more »

Embarrassed? No need to tell the story.

I had years when I couldnt dare speak my inner most thoughts and fears. I was so caught in judging myself and so afraid of how I would be judged by the person listening. When I broke through that one, everything became so much easier. Many clients have come to me, too afraid to speak… Read more »

Getting to here: learning-for-living

I am so excited about launching Learning-for-living. We actually bought the name not long after we first returned to Northern Ireland in 2000 and NoW at last I feel the time has come….My time has come! I’ve sat awhile trying to figure what deserves the prime spot in this my new blog, who am I… Read more »