About Us

Nuala and Don White celebrate more than 30 years as practitioners together. They have traveled different roads to reach this shared place of Learning, each bringing their unique experience and expertise separately and together, to this most exciting centre that is

Learning for Living….

where from the outset we  seek to empower  you to help yourself through the oldest and newest mind-body-emotion practices and tools.

Nuala  (MSc. Dip.Couns. Fellow CIPD, Fastereft Cert.)

About Nuala White30 years in the business of helping others learn, develop, and find their best future. Oh and that includes myself! I have been my own best learning asset! But not necessarily the most comfortable one! Now I am coming together and  able to dynamically combine my whole life experience into an integrated portfolio of work!

My senior management experience in Leadership and Organization Change, with  Client-Centred Counselling experience and significant Coaching expertise in the corporate and private domains have all been about  helping people at work and at home meet their needs and reach their dreams. It is so rewarding and the results often astound me.  Its been an intensely rich 30 years, with its own hurdles and low points, and the quest to discover ever more immediate ways to empower learning and change continues at great pace with the integration of meridian tapping methods like FasterEft.

It has never been more exciting so please take the opportunity to find out more about this ‘Real’ life journey at the BLOG below. or  through Nuala’s Youtube channel at Nuala White.

Don    (Bsc., MSTAT. MATI, MISATT) 

About Don WhiteDon has been a qualified teacher of AT with the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique since 1996 and he is a member of their Council. He has taught many pupils and groups since. He is a founder member of the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers and registered teacher with Alexander Technique International(ATI) and ‘sponsors’ or certifies new up and coming trainee teachers. He is one of the few resident AT teachers in Northern Ireland.

Having suffered ME for 3 years whilst working as an IT professional he gave up that career due to ill health and discovered the technique in his long search for recovery.We remember very well the days when he was in so much pain in his back and had to somehow struggle by train to London and back. ME finally laid him low for a long time before finding A.T. Practicing AT with a teacher gave him the way back to full health and led him to pursue his own training as a teacher. Some three and a half years ago he suffered a major brain bleed and used the Technique to aid his remarkable recovery. The rest is history.

Its worth a mention that STAT qualified Alexander teachers spend a full 3 years in basic training to qualify as a practitioner, and much learning takes place before they place any hands on another. Somehow teachers seem to share a youthful look that belies their years! There is some magic to what otherwise is an invisible, gentle inside job when practicing the technique!

Recently Don has studied, practiced and become an efficient practitioner of the Emmett Technique too.

Many trainers and consultants, coaches or health practitioners apply their temporary fixes and tell us what we should do – and nothing much changes! You may well have tried many approaches and left them behind, disappointed in your inability to manifest what you want.

We provide a range of solutions and offer a wholly positive creative way that is truly client centred – focused on your specific need. More than that, from the outset we are teaching you to be your own best practitioner.

WE also promise a creative freeing and fun experience even as we deal with deadly serious personal or business issues.

That means we have to practice what we preach and you will see we are not afraid to develop a very open, challenging  and creative working relationship with you.

We know how people learn And Learning means change!  From the inside out, or the outside in, consciously using the subconscious we are expert mind body and emotion experts.

We create deep real and usable learning that lets you move towards  the kind of living you dream of.

Why not ‘Double UP!’ Work with us both together. Potent, Radical, Exciting. WE are fairly sure you wont get this exciting blend of mind-body-emotion work anywhere else. So much can be freed when we work together with your whole being. A fantastic way to Change your MInd…Change Your Life!


‘’Whether you think you can or think you can’t…you are probably right!   Franklin D Roosevelt.’’