Welcome to Learning for Living

You have probably found your way here because you have a need or longing, you are searching. You want something to change. Stay a while and find out how we can help you.

What an unexpected launch to our site! Major life events changed everything about how we launched and checking out the blog here http://learning-for-living.com/blog will prove just how we do learning-for-Living in our own lives. Watching this short film will place everything we do in context. Please do comment by responding through the blog page and begin a conversation with us.

Locked in our habits, our ways of doing things, our ways of reacting, our ways of feeling and carrying ourselves through life – it is hard to find the way to free ourselves for a better future!

Qualified Experienced practitioners, we are passionately committed to using all our skills so you create the changes you want. We deliver transformational and sometimes radical learning and change experiences for people!

That includes people in business, at home, in relationships and people growing up.

Living can get tough for people who hurt, are old and young, people working with people and people with special learning needs.

Browse our range of services and find the right one for you and discover the wonderful range of applications through  our mind -body -emotion  practices.

Because we work with whole people.