WE are Perfect.

4 Responses to “WE are Perfect.”

  1. Don. White

    Amazing to hear some of what it’s like on the other side. Just to hear that it’s a struggle but that’s ok too. It’s hard enough feeling useless but the hard work is in front of me, having to put all this behind me and just work towards being as I was but NOT as I was. There is much to change given this opportunity.

    • Don. White

      It is just great to get the other perspective on this. Imagine feeling useless. can you? does it take us to have a brain bleed to get to know that feeling? Imagine that.
      So today as Don valiantly walked the length of our long garden with only a physiolight supportive touch on his hips, he certainly didn’t appear useless.I admire your patience Don. ADmire your will to get better. yes it’s tough. Everything is different.

  2. Sherri Stephens

    Thank you Nuala, great job on your video. I will make one tomorrow because of your inspiration. No sooner did I hang up the phone today and I got a new client, you’re amazing. Love working with you, love you 🙂


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