Bespoke Events

Some Events –

Corporate Mediation and conflict resolution

– A 1 day workshop with data and feedback interviews. Real Time Facilitation.

Transforming Stress presentation, workshop and live work.

Open and In- House Talks and live demonstration

6 day bespoke  modular Em4 skills training for Social Care Middle Managers

Mastery Looking Glass  :  Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

Leaders Managers and Business Owners join a select small group to meet monthly for business problem exploration, expert facilitation and shared experience.  A powerful private thinking and learning space  where YOU set the agenda.

Masterclasses – Let us provide  short motivational Fun and learning packed short events –

E.g. Juggling for leadership     Discover your Triggers           Changing Places – Understand the Other

The list is endless, and we can build entertaining learning to suit your Programme or Organization.

Discover FasterEft and see and experience it in action

Various Applications to suit the need  for your Group, Business, Charity or community e.g.

Freedom from Addiction         Chronic Pain release                 Leadership and Change          Decision Making

Performance Anxiety – At work or sport or play!    Young people Are Amazing.    Releasing Post Traumatic Stress

Overcoming Abuse.

ALexander Technique

1/2 day, whole day,short course workshops designed and delivered for

A Theatre company           Dental Hygenists             Beginners or Experienced pupils.

Learning to Swim without FEAR!            Golf – What interrupts your stroke?                Running           Horse Riding

Teacher Exchange Days

Experienced A.T. teachers come together to share work and  mailing list people invited to be the ‘ bodies’ for live work. A lot to be gained from attending to gain from numerous teachers hands on.

What You Get –

You get Fun and Learning. You will be challenged, You get new perspectives on yourself and how you live your life. You will begin to learn new skills. You will get space to bring your Real Issues.You get a fresh burst of enthusiasm for doing what you do! You start to see others in a new light.

Corporate enquiries will of course involve very client-centred focus as we begin to work with you to create what you need. Prices negotiated as per the request.

Nuala is an expert in how people Learn, and has run learning events since 1982. She is passionate about creating active participative Fun and challenging trainings for every group from 3 people to hundreds. She is very comfortable at weaving the learning through the real situations and experience of the people gathered.


There is a dual economy operating nowadays. Corporate pricing and social pricing are many miles apart.

We always wish to serve  both economies, thus increasing learning throughout society and to ensure we  stay connected to all realities. ITs also Fun!

Corporate clients and rates allow us to offer ourselves freely or at very little charge to charities, voluntary groups, communities etc. and it matters to us to work at the coal face of life where we can do our bit for people who need some help.

So, prices for events will vary from Free introductory talks to corporate rates for bespoke services.

Talk to us about your needs. Call Nuala on 07801 254476 or  enquire through our contact page.