Em4 The Essential People Skills

Empathise        Embrace          Empower          Emerge. 

 These 4 little words disguise an incredibly powerful set of behaviours that seem to be in very short supply in the world, and especially the world of business and even social services and health care settings.


The emotional self awareness and interpersonal openness that enables a deep understanding of the other’s experience


Embracing the other person’s perspective, meanings, experience; Using listening and mindfulness


Finding the new understanding that emerges from seeing things from the other’s perspectives


Actively working with the other’s motivation and abilities to manage things personally

The Magic?

To the power of 4!

When we operate from the skills  there is a huge shift for everyone involved, a tangible change happens in the relating, and anything is possible!


Inspired by her work and research  with Aspergers and Autism, coupled with her personal release through emotional freedom techniques, Nuala suddenly turned the key  to integrating all her 30 years of learning and development work.

Together then , she and change practitioner Malcolm Young, long standing colleagues in the OD and change management arena, formed the Em behaviours and skills into a series of learning programmes and their own  Healing Relationships Procedure.

Tried and tested the Em4 skills fill the skills gap at work.

Just as you will experience the Em4 in all the work of learning-for-Living, our dedicated Em4 site gives you access to  our business series.

Visit our website at Em4.org