From Pain to Power

This is Your Life!

Transforming old experience for YOUR future

       What do you want?

It may be a better life getting more of what you want – happy relationships, more business success, greater confidence, contentment…., you name it ….! 

You may be brought low by Hopelessness, anxiety, stress, physical illness and pain. Grief, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress, Obsessive behaviour,  sadness…..or any such physical or emotional distress.

Or maybe you are desperate to find a way to quit your personal addiction- be it smoking alcohol or food or?

I know that place.

My blog tells some of my story. I was brought very low by depression after the onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis. No matter what I did I could not seem to face out into the world and so everything became very small, including me.I was despairing and struggled to even get dressed on the day I was fortunate to have  after one 30 minute session in the chair with Robert Smith, founder of FasterEft. That day my depression lifted and I had the energy and drive to follow through on a fresh development path with my own tapping and other energy based work. I have now recreated  my own practise, integrating my 30 years of  counselling, training, personal development and Organization Change.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, my ‘Pain’ in recent years developed into Rheumatoid Arthitis and All the hallmarks of depression. My life became very small and I lost all the drive, energy, brain clarity, physical flexibility and many other symptoms.It was like I had completely lost the way back to myself, no matter what I tried.  The highly skilled, extrovert leader I was, was lost. And for about 2 years, my dis -ease got worse, and  everything went wrong!

THEN to find in a mere 30 minutes that the clouds lifted and the outlook somehow transformed. To suddenly seem to have so much more energy and to look different too, well is amazing, and possible for any one of us, whatever the issue. I say again, whatever the issue.

My own evidence with clients,  family and my self  is continually inspiring.

You can shift out of your own ‘Pain’ – or fear, or rage, or sadness or physical illness or state. Often massive shifts can happen in just one session , and 3 full sessions allows the core life issues to be rewritten.

Most of us believe we are stuck with our feelings and our past experiences, and that these somehow have shaped our ‘personalities’ into a fixed state that we have little power to change. We’ve also been led to believe that any change needs endless hours of reading, self development, insight and possibly therapy, to put right. Or else we assume that the only way to end our headache or other pain is to medicate – with painkillers, or alcohol, or food!

Not true! Change can be much more direct and even the worst of the worst of problems can be cleaned up.

The Biggest Secret!

Within you you hold the power to live a completely happy healthy and successful life. No expert can change you, nor should they. That is entirely within your personal power. Its our job to open up your personal power to you, providing you with the proof you need that it is possible and guiding your path.


The mind and the body are one! This simple fact can change the way we view everything. Emotional freedom techniques (EFT,FasterEft,NLP), give us a direct and powerful way to use our thinking to change, shape and so control our thoughts, emotions and their physical results! So we can readily address and fix the physical and emotional pains and past experiences blocking our lives.

This amazing tool lets us open up communication between mind and body and so quickly, directly, aim at and change old physical and emotional ‘stuff’ that has caused our dis-ease.

The rapid results and felt changes that take place even within a single session are usually enough to prove that this tool works.

Since my diploma in Client Centred therapy in 1996 I had been wholly committed to the gentle and profound client centred approach, a talking therapy or counselling relationship. In those years many many people healed and changed. Only when I personally experienced the amazing power of Emotional Freedom techniques like FasterEft to free people without lots of talking and painful regurgitation, was I persuaded to move beyond that approach.

How it Works

A client of mine calls it ‘acupuncture without the needles’. The work brings together the best of of EFT(Gary Craig) and Neuro Linguistic Programming) into a very focussed and directly targeted routine, that gets straight to the root cause of the painful experience, and clears it out, then place a new positive creation of our own choice, in its place For Good!

Over and over again I experience and witness what seems like moment to moment transformation, where people of all ages shed old memories, emotions and conditions.  The changes, the relief experienced, are very apparent and available to the person equally quickly. They also last.

 Too embarrassed or ashamed?

Isn’t that a strange thought? Yet from my many years with people in  counselling and this work too it is clear that sometimes our problems can seem so extreme we are afraid or ashamed to speak them. Amazing yet true, this work allows us to heal without ever sharing the content of the problem. All you need to bring is your current experience or problem. I then swiftly work with you to learn how you hold it in your body or feelings or mind.  Consciously using our unconscious this is the most powerful way I know to change your life for the better!

Nuala incorporates FasterEft work into much of her work in agreement with the client  because it is simply so effective!The work is suitable for all ages and abilities. It fits the corporate world and the individual like you or me. It will work with the fit and the very sick.

Facing up to your discontent is the biggest part and you are here! You’ve made it this far.

Your best option now is to commit yourself to

set of 3 x 2 hour sessions with Nuala that will allow us to clear up your major blocks to health and well being.

However, if you still arent sure, you really have nothing to lose by trying  my

Test the water!!  A 30 minute  working session on a specific issue for £30  by phone or Skype. You will know enough after this to decide to book a set of 3 . If you book the 3 then  £15 will be deducted from the fee. What have you got to lose?

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