Life Coaching

So whats the difference?

All you need to know is that you are discontented, that life has thrown you some challenges, mild or severe and somehow you want fulfilment.

Or your issue may be very specific –

Relationships stuck or non existent?

You are addicted – to food or alcohol or cigarettes or porn?

You are struggling with key life decisions?

You are depressed.

A major life change has happened Now what?

You may have a particular problem with one person– a child or a partner or a parent or a boss, and feel helpless to change their behaviour, Don’t let that put you off.  We can dedicate sessions which  deal your problem with a family member or boss by proxy, with often amazing results.

Sometimes we simply need to know we have an unbiased supported to accompany us as we get through some part of our lives. We want and need another to hold the space for us as we search out how to embrace our future.

Or it may be that some specific problem or haunting life issue is continually blocking our progress. Have a read of the personal problem solving page.

One way or another Nuala has plenty of skilled experience in these most personal support relationships.

A word about Counselling

Reading the  blog you will see that Nuala is a qualified Client Centred Counsellor, since 1996 when she took her diploma after 3 years study and practise. She abides by the code of ethics for British Association of Counselling (mBACP) and fully embraces the ethics and practise that embody the special relationship that exists between counsellor therapist and client.Since embarking on her further development with Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT and FasterEft) and NLP amongst others, it has become clear how much deep personal change and empowerment is achievable for clients without the expected long hours talking about ourselves. Its not that deep talking and listening are removed from the process, more that  powerful relating can achieve great shifts when these tools are in the sensitive and experienced hands of the practised therapist. So the difference between counselling and coaching has become less acute for Nuala and the client can achieve so much more in fewer contact hours.

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