Asperger Support

Nuala’s family experience with Autism and Asperger syndrome in particular,led to her completing a masters of Science (Msc) in the subject. This decision was made as a defense against the endless line of education and health professionals who just didn’t get it, and who in their need to appear knowledgable and helpful, discounted and thwarted the everyday efforts and strategies of the family! Not a very positive note with which to begin such a great learning journey, but Nuala’s dissertation emphasis on finding the positive within the person transformed the whole experience.(link to dissertation in articles)

She now combines all her experience  helping families and individuals learning to live with the condition through their lives. The work can include couples, whole family, teenagers, children and adults, diagnosed or otherwise.


  • Recently diagnosed or struggling to cope?
  • Need to explore how autism affects you and your family?
  • Riding the storm of traumatic and aggressive meltdowns?
  • In the midst of transition and change that’s unsettling everything?
  • Is a stimming behaviour causing problems?


Sets of 3 sessions with Nuala aim directly at understanding and clearing and changing what hurts, to peace. Faster Eft  creates a powerful change in parents with young children and teaches them the tools so they can use it as a regular daily routine with the child, with enormous benefits. Who knows, she may finally decide to write all that experience of this new application for Autism/Aspergers into a PHd! As the work unfolds Nuala agrees with the parents when to work directly with the child.

Nuala knows from her own experience how much relief and fresh outlook can be created within a single session, and how the child can benefit directly through working just with the parents.

Be assured that you will –

  • Learn skills and strategies for everyday situations.
  • Realise and appreciate that you are more than a label, and let go of all the limiting self beliefs.
  • Emerge to appreciate your individual strengths and talents.

A special word for young children. Children are children. Their work is to play and to learn through that play, no matter how strange the foicus might appear to us. As in every other intervention for ASD early intervention is the watchword. Children take to the work of Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT and Fastereft) very quickly. They are blessed by not having had lifetimes to build ever more complex stories around their experience and take the work of change at face value. Imagine giving your child some tools for self help that they can claim for themselves through life. There is really not a thing to lose.

Sessions are in sets of 3 and can be provided explicitly for –(link to menu of services) page


Adult Individuals with or without formal diagnosis

Couples – where one or both have concerns and it is affecting your  relationship

Families – Perhaps a child has been diagnosed or you suspect they have an ASD. Sessions will focus as necessary on parents, the child, or siblings .

Together we will work with what best suits your need.


Nuala happily works in clients home, school or workplace and is available to offer workshops talks and demonstrations, as well as group sessions. Individdual needs like individual answers. Discuss your need with me.