My goal?  To radically empower your learning and change in whatever area of your life you desire or need… and for you to experience the shift!

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People get up in the morning as whole people! The roles we play out are just that, and behind the particular costume lies that whole person striving to meet their personal goals in life.

All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players

They have their exits and entrances

And one man in his time plays many parts. (Shakespeare – “As You Like It”)

For whatever reason, people can get stuck. You  may not know what you need other than to feel better.

The stories that play out in our minds, and the beliefs we hold about ourselves, usually established in childhood, continue to drive our lives today! Those same stories show up in different clothes and roles, playing out the old story perfectly. There is something we do inside ourselves, expertly, and without even noticing, that triggers us to behave in the ways that once upon a time were designed to protect us. We hold it in our heads and bodies and emotions.  Trouble is, they severely limit our choices for today, unless we bring them to awareness and take away our inner response to the triggers!

The wonderful thing is that this can be fast, focused and transforming and doesn’t involve lots of regurgitation.

It really is possible to let go of all that baggage! We can release the self limiting beliefs and make choices based on today’s reality and tomorrow’s hopes.

30 years in the business of helping others learn, develop, and find their best future, Nuala is able to dynamically combine her senior management experience in the organization setting, with her client centered counselling experience and with significant coaching experience helping people at work and at home meet their needs.

Together we quickly clear any personal blocks and self limiting beliefs.

Your commitment to yourself is the only necessary starting place.


Executive Coaching        Career Coaching       Life Coaching