Executive Coaching

Who do you talk to about your work? Where do you go to spread out the many challenges and thoughts rushing through your head after a busy week? Do you know what it is like to really be listened to, to have all your thinking crystallized and valued? How do you make decisions? Do you know?

Being coached by Nuala is both entirely personal and task focussed. We quickly get to the core challenge and as we spread it out before us Nuala’s empathic and incisive enquiry allows choices and decisions to emerge. It is an organic process and can start anywhere.

SO ask yourself –

  • Is some behaviour or attitude getting in the way of your working relationships, and affecting the task or your personal performance?
  • Are challenging change management or leadership issues needing outside perspective and support?
  • Are you or do you employ an exceptional talent that needs to be shaped to meet the organization goals?
  • Is a  lack of emotional intelligence blocking  your or your team performance?
  • Is conflict and tension endangering the business? Mediation needed?
  • Or perhaps you  need support as you get established in your new role?

The Executive coaching Partnership

This is a wonderful dedicated coaching relationship which provides a series of one to one sessions of 3 hours each, with an ongoing email dialogue space.

Throughout our relationship Nuala will bring numerous Personal development, strategic change and OD learning tools and processes to fit the issue being addressed. You will experience a perfect blend of input and awareness stretching,  to inform the challenge you are addressing. All of Nualas 30 years of management and leadership development work is at our disposal.

The programme lasts for 3-6months, duration determined at the outset.

It requires a shared commitment by us both to ensure amazing results and so is by application only.  Contact us to access.

Minimum contract is 6 one to ones either face to face or by Skype by agreement.

You the client will have to complete a basic experience journal between sessions to inform the work.

The contract package costs £3500.

Additional sessions can be booked on demand and to suit specific events or deadlines, diaries permitting. Additional sessions £150 per hour.

Team Feedback

Often managers and leaders are shadow boxing because they lack the honest feedback and comment from staff about how they are, and how their behaviour is affecting performance and results. Without this information decision making is more risky and leadership style can be unhelpful. With the team feedback process Nuala engages up to 5 key players named by you and sensitively gathers their feedback. She will then bring you the results and work with you to assimilate the new insight into your role and performance and choices. It allows feedback giving about tasks and relationships that might otherwise never be revealed.

This is  a very potent and empowering if challenging addition to the contract and can make a huge difference to application of the learning.

Team Feedback Process £1200.

Stand Alone Exec Consulting Session

 Sometimes in business we face a major dilemma or tough decision, or an unexpected problem or crises arises that leaves us uncertain and even anxious.It can be hard to find a person to help us work that through who is in no way connected to or influenced by the issue.

These stand alone focussed sessions can offer clarity, relief and a reasoned decision that is fully aware of the choices to be made. Nuala is  expert at cutting through extraneous information and  grasping the nub of the problem. She has a real talent for asking the best question and then using a range of tools to empower you to draw your conclusions.

Powerful, immediate and very focussed work.

The 2 hour sessions cost  £300.