FEAR – Letting it go Completely?

Patricia’s disbelief as she can no longer find the FEAR!

We had an amazing time together as Patricia did everything she could to make the Fear come back, the fear that had totally controlled her life since it started 2 and a half years ago. We had already made some fantastic changes after the first session, when P looked completely different, to herself and her family. Her eyes had completely cleared and she had been out socializing in ways she hadnt been able to for years. In the second session we continued the work and cleared out old 30 year old memories of traumatic experiences in hospital and since.Then here at the third session the wonderful ‘click’ happened for her as she knew wholeheartedly that the trauma was gone. She knew completely that she was free of it all.She was eager to get back and tell the doctors how she no longer wanted or needed the mood meds she had been on.

Well, it can happen for anyone, whatever the issue. We can all become free to live the life we want and deserve!

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