Launching the website and tapping through the Brain Bleed terror.

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  1. Maureen

    Just listening to your voice and your words Nuala – just felt something inside of me sooth itself a little.

    I am going to look up You Tube now, and see how Don is…can you plant a kiss on his cheek please from me.

    In the throes of therapy for dissociation and being a traumatised person of my childhood. Realising that I only see the world from a critical judgemental place…i am working rather hard on turning that around…I am looking up the tapping…never heard of it before. A lot of snot and tears at present time. love Maureen.

    • Don White

      dearest Maureen,
      i cannot believe how this your heartfelt post has been lost in cyberspace and i am only now reading!
      Pleas ebe assured that it is possible to heal without further pain and I would be honoured t o let you experience my approach at least to taste and feel if it is good for you.
      Please do make contact with me again.


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