Embarrassed? No need to tell the story.

I had years when I couldnt dare speak my inner most thoughts and fears. I was so caught in judging myself and so afraid of how I would be judged by the person listening.

When I broke through that one, everything became so much easier.

Many clients have come to me, too afraid to speak their truth, their beliefs their stories. Too much fear and pain. IN my therapy work, much of the work with the client was in creating the conditions to make it safe enough for them to dare to open up to themselves.

And now, the wonderful work of tapping means we can bypass all that unnecessary extra trauma and get straight to the matter, even without sharing the story.

So let embarrassment be a thing of the past and rest assured that the fear of exposure is gone in a thrice. Such is the beautiful simplicity of this work. Leave the story at the door and let me take you straight to how you know you feel bad. Then we can change everything. What an amazing miracle we are!



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