Why Learn the Alexander Technique?

Are you stressed? Do you suffer from strain, pain or dysfunction?

Is your co-ordination, suppleness, mobility and balance poorer than you would wish it to be?

Are your levels of awareness, health and vitality unsatisfactory to you?

Do you perform in a challenging discipline, such as music, sports, theatre. etc.,

Do you suffer from medical problems, especially those outlined in: “Medical Aplications of the Alexander Technique”?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you could benefit from the Technique

Try lying on your back on the floor with your head on some books, (enough to gently stretch the muscles up the back of the neck, but not so many as to restrict the throat), with your knees up and your feet close to your bottom, your hands palm down on your abdomen, and your elbows away from your sides. Notice what does and does not contact the floor, and how firmly. Notice any pain or tension. Lie like this for twenty minutes. Observe any changes since the beginning of lying down. Roll over to bring yourself back to standing

If you either find it difficult to remain still for this long, or if you experience a release of tension or pain in the back and neck, then you would benefit from lessons.